Affirming for change

Asking for a better world

Framing more meaningful affirmations that elevate your ordinary experiences through the power of emotional goals.

Affirmations are powerful agents of change that have been long invoked by the best and nobelest minds of our time. The thoughts and actions of successful people have been scrutinised and systematized, to their mercenary or material ambitions. But beneath the surface of their ordinary ambitions is the pursuit of happiness and freedom. From Einstein to Bruce Lee, the best minds have always known that true success lies in fabricating optimal experiences; which entails giving more than receiving, but also imbues each experince with immesurable richness. Richness that naturally flows from inner states into the outer experiences.

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  1. Asking for less to get more
  2. The inner life of words
  3. How emotions are made
  4. Suggestible you
  5. Using your imagination
  6. Emotions as goals
  7. Framing useful affirmations
  8. Intending—getting and keeping your focus