eBook instructions

Our ebooks are available in two formats: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.

EPUB is the preferred format for reading eBooks and is supported by most mobile devices (like Apple and Android devices) and apps.

MOBI is natively supported by Amazon’s Kindle reader and Kindle reading apps.

PDF is a universal portable document format that can be read in Adobe Acrobat or in Preview for MacOS. It can also be read in your internet brower as well as in many other devices and apps.

How you can read our ebooks

When you click the buy button and complete your order, you’ll receive an email with a unique link to the files. Click the Download button to get them.


Drag the EPUB file into iTunes and sync your device. If you’re reading on a Mac, use the iBooks desktop app to open and read the EPUB file.


Connect your Kindle to your computer and then drag and drop the EPUB file into the Documents folder; send the EPUB file to your Kindle’s email address; and, if you’re reading on your computer, use the Kindle desktop app.

Google Play Books

Upload your ebook to your Books in Google Play, then open the the Google Play Books app on your device to start reading.

Having trouble opening the ebook? Email us and we’ll sort things out for you.