Maitrī (मैत्री) means friendship in Sanskrit. Buddhism reserves a special place for this word in its cannon and within its practice. Here it is the process of cultivating a healthy attitude towards the inner struggles and conflicts of the mind. It means an unconditional acceptance of all that arises from within and without. When we begin to look with compassion upon our fears and insecurities, we are closer to that direct experience with the world that such self-knowledge discloses to us.

What we do

Our little publication gathers the most important ideas from both sides of the cultural divide and across time. We run a newsletter and a podcast through Substack. We also produce books and things here and at our Amazon shop. Our store helps us fund our writing and meet the expenses of keeping this site up and running. If you find any hope, solace, or joy in our words, consider buying our books.

Why loving+kindness?

loving+kindness is a podcast

Who we are

Maitri is entirely built and run by me, Myron, from my home away from home in New Zealand. Building this, here, now, is the culmination of journeys past and the start of a journey new. If you like what you have read, I’d love to hear from you by email.

Myron, Christchurch 2018